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Psilocybin Mushrooms C12H17N2O4P

When I was in Amsterdam last Christmas we took some mushrooms on the last night. We bought 20g of Mexicans because we had never tripped before (well except my bad acid trip). We went to our hostel room because we didn't want to be totally tripping out in public (even though I'm sure people are used to foreigners tripping out in public).

Well we started eating them around 7pm I think, just ripped bits off and swallowed them with water. At first I was actually chewing them but the taste was just too strong so I had to just swallow them.

Before I had even eaten half I started to feel extremely giggly and was yawning a lot. I was laughing very hard at the most stupid things.. and had no idea why I was yawning so much when I didn't really feel that tired. Joe and Fabio kept telling me to finish them, and I eventually did. But I had already started to see the room turn a green tinge before I was finished.

Now, when we were buying them, we noticed that my friend Joe's box was different to Fabio's and mine. The mushrooms looked smaller, cleaner, and as though there were more in it. We just assumed they were fresher and there were only more of them because they were smaller.
Well after we finished eating them we had a closer look at his box. The woman in the shop had given him 35 grams instead of 20! He asked for 20, and paid €10 the same as us, but for some reason she gave him more!
Pretty stupid idea to check the box AFTER eating them all lol. But it amused us. Joe started to slightly freak out at this point, certain that he was going to be a lot more fucked up than the rest of us.

For some reason, Fabio didn't trip. He kept saying "something's not right down here" but he said he never hallucinated.

At this point I was feeling wonderful, so we decided to go out to a coffeeshop. We went to The Dolphins and sat downstairs in the room with all the beautiful paintings on the walls.

Obviously the theme of this place was under the sea, so the walls were also painted blue and had a watery look painted over them. This was moving a LOT. I couldn't believe it was moving SO much. I had to keep asking Fabio if he could see it, because I was sure it had to be some crazy projector or something. He said "well I know what you mean, if you look at it for long enough it looks like it's moving."
And I said, "but is it ACTUALLY moving?" and he said it wans't. So I knew I was fucked.

Joe was pretty fucked at this point too, and he kept playing with his hair and making it defy gravity. Which I found absolutely fucking hilarious. I kept laughing but wasn't sure if anyone knew why I was laughing. This only amused me further. I was trying to stifle my laughter, but this only made me laugh harder. I thought everyone in the coffeeshop was looking at me. They probably were lol.

After a while we went back to the hostel. I lay in bed listening to my iPod for a while, and the music and things I saw with my eyes closed was absolutely stunning.

Being an artist, I sometimes get flashes in my "mind's eye" of colour schemes, or art ideas, or parts of things to add to my art if I am at that time engrossed with working on a piece. Well this was like that, only times a thousand. I wish i could remember even a small fraction of what I saw, but due to being completely stoned, and the fact it was almost 6 months ago, I sadly cannot.

I recommend mushrooms to anyone. That was my first real experience with them (I had them once before, dried and in tea. They are not supposed to go above a certain temperature so I think that's why I didn't trip. I once also ate about 30 Liberty Caps that used to grow in a field near my school but they didn't do much to me) and it was very enjoyable. I prefer it to LSD any day.
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