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Morning Glory seeds (LSA) d-lysergic acid amide

This won't be a long entry, due to the fact I didn't get much of an effect.

I bought some Morning Glory seeds from azarius.net and also bought some Druid's Fantasy capsules for my boyfriend (without realising the capsules were made of gelatin... eugh). Last Sunday we decided to try them out.
My friend Joe also bought some seeds from the same site and took about 200 on Thursday night, he told me he felt a bit sick and got a nice little effect but nothing too crazy.

Well, I counted out 250 seeds. I didn't want to go too crazy by taking more, as it was my first try and I didn't want to get too sick. I chewed about the first 150, but the taste of them almost made me vomit so I just swallowed the rest wwith water. I had thought about soaking them in water for a few hours and then filtering the water and drinking it (as I've read online) but I was too lazy and we just wanted to try them right there and then. My boyfriend took 3 of his capsules.

After about 1.5-2 hours I thought my stomach felt a little bit bad, but nothing unbearable and nothing I couldn't take my mind off by watching TV. Doyle said he was starting to feel "dreamy" after only about 40 minutes or so. He also said his stomach felt a little bit like it was in his throat, and he burped a few times and got a nasty taste.

My mild nausea passed after about 40 minutes to an hour. My boyfriend took another 2 capsules around this time. After this we continued to watch movies, talk, and wait. I felt no effects. Doyle's effects seemed to only stay in the "dreamy" state, although he did say he felt quite different, kind of like the way acid makes you feel. A few hours later he took one more capsule and I took 2 that Joe had given me when he bought them in Germany a few weeks ago.

Doyle felt slightly nauseous for a few hours after my nausea passed, but then he was fine.

A few hours before we went to bed, my vision seemed to go a bit weird. When the lights were off I didn't really notice it, but when they were turned on, and sometimes when my eyes were closed, it seemed that the edges of my vision was "flashy" for lack of a better description. Kind of wavey. It wasn't that strong however.

We concluded that they were a waste of money, although it was still good to have experimented. I still have about 500 seeds left, so I plan to try extracting the LSA instead. I will update on this as it happens.
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