Evie Verdampen (solotus) wrote,
Evie Verdampen

Shpongle Live Hallowe'en Update

Shpongle was disappointing.

Firstly, they had sniffer dogs at the door. Obviously with having two bags of weed and a pipe on me, I got barked at. The security guard asked me to give them what I had on me, but I was smarter than that. I said I had nothing. So I was taken to a back room to be searched by a woman, and told that if they found anything drugs related I'd have to leave. I said ok.

She told me to empty my pockets, looked through my bag, and frisked me. After she found nothing she said I could go. Seems those bra things I rarely wear DO have a purpose after all ;)

I knew they wouldn't find it, but I mean, I probably could have had it in 3 other places that she didn't check very well or at all.

So.. I went to the gig expecting a fairly intimate and awesome live show, with a much larger than normal band doing their thing and all the focus being on them and the music. It was the first fully live show in nearly a decade, after all.

Instead I experienced a crushing, overheated crowd, and most of the band members were hidden away in the corners of the stage (except for Simon of course......he was center stage) to make room for the group of extremely glittery and feathered "exotic" dancers, that repeatedly kept coming out, doing their seemingly non-choreographed slut dance, and then running backstage for maybe 3 minutes before running back out again, shaking their boobs to a cheering crowd of drooling guys....

It wasn't very fun. At all.

I left the crowd the first time they came onstage, because well I was being crushed, couldn't see very well past tall people anyway, and the feathered stupidness only obstructed my view even more. I tried to get back into the groove twice, but every time they just ran out again.. I mean, they had a topless male dancer at the start, but at least he was actually doing a dance that was interesting to watch because it wasn't just randomly running around gyrating and wiggling his naughty bits.. He looked like he should have had 8 arms, put it that way.

Anyway, fuck it. Maybe I overreacted but we left that place early. The show was simply ruined for me, I wasn't enjoying myself, so I had to get out of there and find somewhere to smoke a pipe.

The course of events of always goes so strangely. We found a mostly deserted street next to a canal, and smoked a few pipes. There was an incident of weed spillage, and me changing my shoes that kept us there for too long, then two guys walked up to us and said they were the police.

They had seen Paul smoking the pipe, and asked him what he had in his hand. We were just totally honest with them (well except for telling them we didn't have anything else on us), and they were actually pretty nice guys.. I even got my pipe back lol. They did give Paul a fucking "cannabis warning" though..

The afterparty was much more enjoyable when we finally got inside.. X-Dream were fucking amazing.

As for the remainder of Liverpool and Wales, I also had good and bad times. Liverpool had much more going on, and people staying up later.. but it was also a bit ...meh. It's just so hard to believe that so-called "lad culture", and even just plain old sexism actually exist after properly experiencing it for myself. I mean I've experienced some, or seen it happening to others.. this was just different. I mean most of the people I met were nice to talk to.. but man, at other times I felt like such a fucking alien just for being female. I not just when I space out during their football talk or when they played Pro Evolution.... (I seriously used to love football, but it just fucking bores me now... so I doubt that has much to do with me having a vagina)

Fabio is one of my best friends, but he can be so fucking naive and sexist without even realising it. I honestly am beyond not understanding why he says some of the stuff he says, including stuff he says to me or about me personally. Things like, "I could never bring a chick into my room, it's so messy"... I'm like "oh it's ok, I don't care" and he says "I don't mean you, just any other female. You're Aimée!"


Also "have you ever seen women's football? They look like men" and just a whole load of other crap.

I hate reading over this and feeling like it sounds really ...extreme or like I'm overreacting. I don't know how I seem to anyone else, or what my stance on sexism seems to be. I don't hate men and I don't hate sex, or even sexual openness to an extent, which so many people assume. I could go on for a long time trying to explain my opinion and views of this, but I won't. I do however consider myself to be very open minded about it, even though I haven't been in the past. I just fucking hate men who treat women like they aren't humans, treat them like they are only there for men's gratification, or who think that all women think the same, act the same, do the same things. And vice versa, when women do it too. I've personally just experienced it with men far more often. It cuts even deeper when it's my own friends that are perpetuating the sexist mindset just by making such vague and ignorant comments. And what makes that even worse is I WANT to say something, so much, but most of the time I don't for fear of hurting the friendship.


What else? Eh, long bus journeys are fucking awful.
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