Evie Verdampen (solotus) wrote,
Evie Verdampen

Building near our Hostel

Guy doing sit-ups in the park lol

John & Paul like pumping

Damn stylish

Paul dared him to do it


View from hostel window

Top of the steps near the hostel

Playing pool in the hostel

Hallway in the hostel


Apparently this was a big underground cycling thing

In the hostel canteen (yeah the place had these blue lights everywhere)

Paul looking shocked to be in first class (which we then got thrown out of.... twice)

Changing trains at Nauen

Jellyfish teepee

Neighbouring tent

Near the river on the walk into Putlitz

Chill-Out Tent which we were camping pretty much right beside

Pathway leading to the Chill-Out Tent

Open-Mind Floor

Trying to photograph teeth under UV light... doesn't really work tbh

Paul was the first to fade

Yummy shroomies

Main Floor

Free bong! Though it tasted horrendous, crazy Germans with their weed/baccy mix bongs

Sky through the giant red shades

Outside Berlin airport

Bug bites and rucksack strap bruise

Paul & Jav's flat in Glasgow

Random poster in the flat

I'll hopefully get round to writing a text update soon.
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